The Accountability Bunny

The past eight months or so have been a grind.Whilst I wouldn’t call myself a gym bunny, I’m certainly a regular attendee but recently attendance has been closer to the Easter Bunny’s appearances.Sporadic.It may not have been just once this year but, compared to three days a week, it feels like it.

I’m normally disciplined and enjoy training, it’s been part of my life as far back as I remember.

I don’t know what’s changed – confidence in what I’m allowed to do, confidence in my body, a general emotional malaise – I don’t know.What I do know is that training is good for me, physically and mentally.I loved going to cardiac rehab, being expected to turn up weekly, being measured, being held to account – it made it easy as I hate letting people down.Now I’m back to being better at finding excuses than doing something that’s got me a long way through my life – just turn up.So, today, I did that.I turned up. I did about 40 minutes, a light session, and I loved it.

Sometimes, to kick start a habit, especially one you’ve had before, you just need to turn up. No agenda, no plan, no specific outcome but just be there.

Building a business is the same.Turning up to do things you don’t want to do, the things you must do, the things you’re not good at and the things you know will be uncomfortable.The sun is shining, finally, it’s warm, it’s quiet and the excuses trip through the mind easier than usual.You know it needs doing – so turn up, see what happens.

And, if you need someone to turn up with you, reach out – it’s something I know a fair bit about.

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