This one-day event is not like other events you’ll have attended.

I don’t want a room full of people.

There’s NO massive sales pitch for a hugely discounted “buy today or it’s gone forever” programme/info product/retreat/course…

It’s not even an exclusive high-ticket for a limited number of people at several thousand pounds a ticket…

Wednesday 19th April – Chalfont St Giles

Instead, the event is an opportunity for you to discover what we do and how we work with our clients. This discovery day will be held around my Kitchen Table on Wednesday 19th April.

A core part of our ‘Locker Room’ individual client service is 10 behind closed doors meetings. We don’t’ allow guests, there’s no recordings because it’s a safe space for clients to share ideas, talk openly about their frustrations and successes with absolute confidence.

It’s invaluable CEO time.

Some of our clients haven’t missed one of these meetings for over 5 years. They’re that important to them. We don’t allow random people in the room as it would dilute the conversations and change the dynamic.

This discovery day will be aligned as closely as possible to our Locker Room round table meetings so you get the real experience.

It’s not a highlight reel though.

We’ll do some work. You’ll leave with notes, ideas, and actions you can take the next day to move your business forward.

To make that happen I’ve pulled out the topics which have generated the best conversations, insights, and ideas from the last few meetings.

The day will look like this

10 am: Arrival Tea, Coffee, pastries, meet the puppies.

10.30am: Session 1 – Time Vampires.

Something we hear time and time again is how busy people are. How there’s never enough time to get everything done and how there’s never enough hours in the day.

This is a huge challenge to growth. Your ability to prioritise, manage your time and yourself are completely aligned with your ability to achieve success.

We’ll cover strategies I’ve used and clients currently use to be more effective, more productive, and less stressed.

11.45 am: Coffee Break

12 Midday: Session 2 – Performing to Win

Some people turn up, some people take part and some people perform to their best, consistently.

This session will cover what is involved in performing at an elite level, taking yourself and your business to another level. High performance is a learned skill that anyone can learn with the right attitude, discipline, and direction.

1.15 pm: Lunch (provided)

2 pm: Session 3 – Exiting Yourself

Repeatedly, the biggest barrier I come across to growth is you – remove you and you’ll get the lifestyle and business you want. After all – Your job, as a business owner is to own the business.

Your limitations will be set by your ability to grind which will create a lower glass ceiling, the longer you do it for.

We’ll look at how you can get out of your own way to free the business up to deliver the goals and lifestyle you want it to.

This session more than any other in recent months encouraged a depth of conversation that was meaningfully impactful to those in the room.

That’s your schedule. You’ll be getting a slice of what it’s like spending time with us for the day, plenty of content, lunch and tea and coffee on tap.

What’s the cost?

I’m not going on holiday from the revenue for this day.

I am going to charge for it though – mostly because when we do stuff for free we get freeloaders and tyre kickers.

We’re charging £79+Vat for a place around the table to make sure you’re serious about taking something from the day.

Most of the day will require thought and a change of intention when you go back to “work”. So, you won’t need access to loads of cash to make impactful changes. But if £79 is making you think twice, this isn’t right for you.

Will there be a pitch?


Whilst I work with all my clients on an individual basis to achieve their goals, our monthly meetings are a integral part of the service we offer. It’s also vital we get the mix of people in the room RIGHT.

So, IF I believe I can work with you, adding value to you and your business and IF I believe you’ll fit in the room I’ll invite you to consider working with us.

There will be no way to buy on the day. No brochures, presentations or “today only” offers. Ugh.

If all that happens is you walk away with a notebook filled with scribbles and a head fill of ideas I’ll consider it a day well spent. Let’s face it; If you go away and apply one thing, I can pretty much guarantee you’ll recoup your investment.

Who’s it for?

This is for business owners, not employees.

It’s for people who want to earn more money or spend less time in their business or both.

It’s for people who know they don’t have all the answers and are open to new ideas.

Typically your business will be turning over £150 – £500k but not delivering as much profit as you’d like

It’s for people who would like to understand what it’s like to be in a positive learning environment with other ambitious business owners.

It’s NOT for moaners, complainers or people with closed mindsets.

It would be helpful if you’re comfortable around puppies!

Where is it?

This discovery day will be held at our house in the lovely village of Chalfont St Giles near Beaconsfield in South Buckinghamshire. We’re about 15 minutes from J16 & 17 of the M40, 20 minutes from the M25.

If you want to jump on a train, we’re 7 minutes by cab from Gerrards Cross Station.

It’s unlikely you’ll need a hotel as we’ll be done by 3.30/4 pm although popping to the local for a pint is an option.

I can only fit six around my kitchen table so that’s the number we’re limiting it to. That’s not a scarcity thing, it’s just not a huge table.

I’m running this at the house because that’s where we do a much of our work. Many of our clients have become friends and it’s somewhere they’re comfortable with.

There’s a short form to fill in below. Click on the link or any of the others on this page and we’ll confirm your place once you’ve submitted it.

Hopefully we’ll see you in a few weeks.


"At our very first meeting with Ash at his house, on a "taster day" he gave us a piece of advice that overnight transformed our cashflow and ability to grow the business. We've grown the business and profits year on year since then and have completely changed our lifestyles for the better."
Dean & Marie Haywood | Five Star Furnishing Care