What happens on the coaching calls?

The calls are an opportunity to take part in an uplifting, informative 90 minutes of sharing and learning. These calls are for you and will be based around the questions you ask about the content or other challenges you may have.   We always share our wins from the past week and you’ll gain much from hanging out with people who are at different stages.

If you’re feeling stuck, need some advice or direction or can’t decide between two courses of action?  Whatever you might want help with, I and the team will be available to answer those questions and move you forwards

There will be light-hearted banter and fun (of course!), but ultimately, you will leave the call with a ‘take-away’ that you can implement or consider further.

I know from current members these calls are a highlight of their week and an opportunity to network and learn.  The evening calls often involve cats, dogs and wine.  Often, all three!