Learner Driver

When was the last time you actually thought about how to drive?

Ironically, I thought about this yesterday when ambling back from Cheltenham after shooting some video content.  There was traffic, I’d finished my podcast and I started concentrating on what I was doing rather than doing what I always do, which is drive on autopilot.

It’s a good thing this autopilot stuff.

We’re not capable of holding everything in our heads all once, it would be overwhelming.  Instead, our brains file stuff away in “folders” and access them when required.

For instance, you don’t need to think about how to tie your shoelaces, you just do it. Or use cutlery (bet you’re thinking about that now!).

This phenomenon is called habits.

Some are easier to do than others, such as driving because we’ve done so much of it.  We start off being consciously incompetent, but learning, practice and repetition eventually creates unconscious competence.

A long way removed from the first, second and 50th time you drove a car.

The trouble is unconscious competence can lead to casualness.  To a way of delivering the action which completely thoughtless.

This is fine if you’re throwing a ball, writing, or using a fork.  But it can lead to a casualness which is potentially dangerous or just ineffective.

You drive, talk, check your phone, listen to a podcast and at some point, your brain is so immersed it can’t react quickly enough to a new scenario,

In business, we call the habits ‘processes’ but when you’re reliant on those processes and never check them they can easily be taken for granted.

Whilst we all like stuff to just happen in our business, it’s worth spending some time checking things work the way they should and not assuming they do.

In fact, often in the checking you get opportunities to enhance those processes, apply feedback and update them to be even more effective.

Can you imagine what it would be like to have someone observe you whilst you were driving, provide feedback and suggestions on how you could be better? – uncomfortable I suspect but beneficial…

I’m no driving instructor but if you want to chat through any of the process in your business, hit reply and we’ll chat about it.

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