Lessons from the ice

A man and woman in cold weather clothing standing behind a glacier

A couple of weeks ago today I was standing on a cliff edge looking over yet another incredible view that makes up the Icelandic landscape.

It’s the sort of place that inspires you to quickly run out of superlatives when describing it.

The experience was organised by The Bucket List Company who take people all over the world on adventures varying in difficulty.  These are simply, trips of a lifetime.

Kay and I had a superb time and along the way I picked up a few things we can all learn from that The Bucket List Company have got right, helping it stand out from their competitors in a crowded somewhat commoditised industry.

They really understand their market.

Whilst everyone wants to travel, they’re attracting people who want to experience travel.  The focus is on immersing yourself in the place you’re in, not the hotel or vehicles.  This also means there’s a sense of tribe for those on the trips.  People behave a certain way because they all ‘get’ why the others are also there.

They listen to the tribe they’ve built.

Trips are now being built on the back of feedback and understanding where people want to go next.  They’ve become experts at meeting people where they are rather than forcing a product on them they don’t need.  This ongoing performance-feedback-revision loop makes it harder for people to say no to new trips on offer.

They know once someone has tried a trip, they will come back.

It’s far easier and cheaper to sell to existing customers than new ones so that’s where their efforts focus.  Some of our evenings as a group were spent discussing where we were going next, whilst we’re in the middle of a trip!  There were people there who had done 6 trips, were on their 7th, had an eight coming up and a 9th in the pipeline.

Travelling is expensive.  Perhaps the smartest thing TBLC have done is to make the cost accessible.  Not through discounting or cutting corners on quality but by allowing people to pay instalments over 12, 18, even 24 months.

It’s a nice thing, knowing the money dripping out of your account each month is not for a bill but something to look forward to.

We’re already looking at our next trip for 2025.  Anything between Tanzanian safari, The best of Costa Rica or perhaps Cappadocia.   I KNOW it will be great, the tough part is picking which one!

If you fancy experiencing travel with a difference, check out the website here.

If you’ve been on a trip – let me know!

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