Lights, Camera, Action

Image of a Camera man from the back with the words, lights, camera, action

Lights, Camera, Action

I’m sure you’ve come across this phrase before.  I’m always intrigued by it as there’s an underlying piece in those three words when it comes to business that is equally frustrating, and sometimes inspiring.

I prefer to be inspired.

I see too many business owners focussed on the first two of the above words.

Getting ready. 

Making sure the scene is set, making sure everything is just so and ensuring they’re ready to perform.

Being ready isn’t enough, however. 

Progress, success, failure, and learning comes from action.  Sure, if there’s no one to see you act because the camera isn’t on or the lights aren’t bright enough it seems pointless, but in business it’s the work you do that no one sees which propels you forward towards your goals.

Acting is about doing the work when no one is watching.  The boring stuff.  The unglamourous, dirty, dull, and uninspiring jobs that don’t give immediate results.

Work that seems trivial or unimportant because it’s not sexy, it’s not exciting, it’s not engaging.  But it’s the work that matters.  It’s the work that over time, step by step, piece by piece – compounds into results.

It’s what invisible success is made up of.  The work that gets done for years when no one is looking until, like magic, your peers are jealous of your overnight success.

There’s no question in my mind that the right work, done consistently is what brings you the rewards you deserve.

It’s the work that leads to rejection, to multiple failures, to perceived humiliation – which is why it’s not done.

But it’s also the work that separates the ‘haves’ from the ‘have nots’.

I’m seeing it amongst you.

Those of you who get your head down, turn up consistently, and do the work are getting results.  Those results may not be visible but they are there.  Building and creating a business and life you want and deserve through your efforts.

Keep striving, stay away from the bright lights and shiny stuff.

Do the work.

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