The Simple Secret Behind Super Success

(and how YOUR business can benefit)

Starting, growing, and running businesses over the past 30 years has taught me plenty, but one thing stands out:


Other things are important: getting and retaining customers, properly understanding your numbers, being a better leader and more besides.

But the big winners in business put their development first.  The more they grow, the more their business grows.

World class athletes, musicians, and business leaders don’t achieve greatness on their own.  There’s always someone they can bounce ideas off, share successes with and be challenged by.

The reason so many business owners end up turning to Google for all the answers is because they don’t have a better option.

“How do I grow my business?”

“How do I get more out of my team?”

“How do I get more done?”

All good questions to ask, but more important is who you’re asking.

Who’s taking free HR advice from strangers on Facebook?

Who’s taking free investment advice from influencers on instagram?

People who don’t have anyone else, that’s who.

What if you could tap into knowledge, advice and support from a group of people who knew you, knew your business, and you could trust?

What if there was a place you could spend time with people like you who have hundreds of years of business experience between them – would you spend time in that room?

What if you could get answers to your financial, marketing and leadership questions from people who’ve actually been through those challenges and got the scars and t-shirts to prove it?

For the last ten years I’ve been working with business owners who – by their own admission – don’t have all of the answers, but they have some of them, learned through hard-won experience, and they are prepared to share those lessons with you, to save you doing it the hard way.

Being in a group of business owners is a shortcut, a ‘cheat code’. It’s powerful, useful, and valuable. And it’s bloody good fun.  This is your invitation to join us.

So, if you’re interested in getting an insight into what’s working and not working right now as well as being challenged and having a good time at the same time, invest a couple of minutes to find out what it looks like and whether it’s for you.

Your invitation to the Locker Room.

Locker Room Feb 22

This group is based on my experiences in professional and amateur sports locker rooms over the last 40 years.  The place where the speeches are made, final tactics run through and the psychological hard work is done before play starts.

It’s a cauldron of motivation, accountability in a safe space to be the best performer you can be.

We meet every month of the year except August and December.  That’s ten full days a year.

There’s no hot air.  Everything delivered by me is based on my experience of what I’ve done or what I’m doing, for my business and for the businesses I’m working with.  You’ll think of things you’ll never have thought of otherwise, and you’ll be able to directly lift and use ideas from other businesses and profit from them in your own.

You’ll get chances to ask questions about your business that you can’t ask of anyone else.

It’s all about the shared experience in the room.

It’s all about who is in the room.

The business owners in the group are all very different.  What they all have in common is owner managers with a willingness to learn and to share their wins and losses with each other and you.

Their role isn’t just to extract information but to help others too – the best clients are those who are givers first.

You’ll get accountability – people don’t want to turn up at a meeting if they’ve not delivered on something they committed to.

You’ll be motivated – nothing gets you going like a little peer competition.

There are collaborations forming between clients which is always going to happen when you pull a group of entrepreneurial business owners together.

On top of our ten meetings there are plenty of opportunities to let your hair down with fellow business owners.

This year we’ve been to Ascot, watched Cricket at Lords, seen The High Performance podcast live, had a summer social in the orchard next to my house and a 3 day retreat to plan 2024.

As well as the other members in the room you’ll also get access to our expertise.

I’ll bring my experience from running 5 businesses in the last 20 odd years.  What worked and what didn’t.  The challenges of building Ash Taylor Tennis from one site to 12 in 18 months with 20+ remote staff and 2000 children on our programs.  The online licence business in the states, the education business that upskilled over 2000 teachers and coaches around the world and over the last ten years growing a lifestyle business that’s focussed on helping you realise your dream.

My wife Kay has spent 35 years fighting financial crime.  She worked for the Serious Fraud Office, the FCA and now leads the enforcement team at the audit and accountancy regulator.  She has a wealth of experience in building and leading teams through to interview techniques and complex relationship management.

I’ve been part of other groups myself.  From being in and then helping run masterminds with Nigel Botterill and Daniel Priestley. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and melded the best bits into The Locker Room.

I work with my clients in various ways, each business is different, B2B, B2C and that means there’s no single strategy to enable their success.

It’s all about finding the right thing that works for THEM.

I’m so confident of the value in Locker Room, if you and I agree it’s the right place for you, I’ll guarantee it.

Look, you want to know how much it costs, I get that.  You may even have skipped to this point to cut to the chase. You might be surprised though – this isn’t a £20k a year group, although it is intentionally priced high enough to drive away time wasters.

I know that the price offers great value for money because so many of our members have been with us for 6 or 7 years.

To join them around the table is going to cost just £500 + VAT per month.

When you think that you could walk away from your first meeting with an idea that could be worth £thousands to your business (and that’s no unusual at all), that’s astonishing value.

In fact, there’s a good chance you’re wasting £6000 sort of money each year on stuff you don’t even know about. In most businesses it’s easy to save or make an extra £500 each month, if you know where to look – which makes your investment in Locker Room an even easier decision.

The DISCOUNT (worth £1200)

To make an easy decision easier still, there’s a Bonfire Night Discount – get your application in to me before midnight on 5th November and you’ll save £100 a month on your membership until January 2025 at the earliest. That brings your investment down to only £400+VAT per month.

The BONUS (worth £1500)

Spend a day 1:1 with me in November developing your 2024 business plan. A full day with me is £1500, but I’m throwing it in for the first 5 people to apply to be part of Locker Room.


I know you’ll receive heaps of value from what’s discussed and delivered at our first group meeting.  BUT… Get your application in and assuming we both agree you’re a fit for the table I’ll guarantee your investment.

If after your first meeting you’re driving home and think it wasn’t for you – tell me and I’ll refund you what you’ve paid and donate £100 to a charity of your choice for wasting your time.

Nothing to lose. Everything to gain.

Before you start filling out the form it’s worth considering this:

Whilst we have fun, this is a serious group. We work hard, the meetings are sometimes intense. Passions run high, language gets fruity, that energy is what drives results, so I will protect it at all costs. If you’re a negative naysayer, or someone who’s easily offended, then this might not be the group for you.

If you’re not up for sharing your failures as well as your successes, please don’t apply.  We’ve built a safe space where everyone is open and honest.  You’ll only benefit from that experience if you share yours.

Failure is part of the journey btw, sharing yours might just prevent someone else’s…

Our meetings are in the south Bucks/Berkshire area, near the M4 and M25.  We have members travel from all over the UK.

Don’t miss the next meeting.

Time flies and our next meeting is on Tuesday 14th November.

If you’re not sure, then I urge you to apply anyway.  You’ll get value from the conversation as you’ll need to share some stuff about the business and any current challenges. I’ll know a bit more and may be able to offer some advice there and then.

Applying doesn’t mean paying or joining.  Even if I offer you a seat at the table, you don’t have to accept it; I’m a big boy, I won’t be offended.

If you’re on the fence, complete your application or fire me an email and let’s jump on a call. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Speak soon.



"Our business has doubled in profit and we’re able to leave it for weeks at a time to enjoy our place in Spain"

Dean & Marie Haywood

"My business has doubled in the last 18 months"

Robin Adams

"There's nothing else out there like this. Come and see what it's all about - you won't be disappointed"

Carole Simpson