Make Decisions Fast (then implement them immediately)

This week Josie was doing some work shadowing with me on my Masterminds.


She was told by the school to observe but not get involved with any of the actual work. I don’t really understand the point, either. So, she sat in on the two days and took notes. Mostly she didn’t get involved but listened carefully and gave us her honest (maybe a little too honest at times) opinion when we asked.


Halfway through the session I notice she’s taking notes with her left hand. Josie is right handed. I asked her why she was doing it.


“I want to learn to write with both hands.”


“How long have you been practicing?” 


“Just today. I only just decided.”


That’s the funny thing about being young, there no fear of failure. Josie wasn’t worried that people might laugh at her or judge her handwriting for being messy. She wasn’t discouraged that it would take a lot of time and effort to learn.


She decided there and then that she wanted to do it and she just got on with it.


Make decisions fast.


I tell my clients this a lot. I said it at my Mastermind this week too, so it was fortuitous that Josie was there to set an example.


You won’t always make the right decisions, in fact you’ll make the wrong ones 99% of the time but you can’t let that scare you away from actually making those decisions. Otherwise, you’ll never do the 1% that actually work. Do it for the 1%.


Once you’ve made the decision, start implementing immediately.


If you leave it too long you’ll only start to question and doubt yourself again.


There’s no time like the present.

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