I’m making a comeback

NHYT-0898So yesterday I played my first tennis match in two and a half years

So what?  You say…

Well here’s the thing.  I spent over 35 years playing tennis and I loved it. It was the core of who I was.

And I turned it into my job, my career, my business.

I had some great success and I also made some mistakes

I allowed myself to dream big but think small

I got excited about revenue and profit but ignored cash flow

I scaled really fast, knowing nothing about scaling

Worst of all I placed my trust in the wrong people

I lost my passion, my love and my drive for a sport that gave me so much

It gave me friends

It gave me a competitive spirit

It taught me to fight

It taught me to find reserves when I thought I had nothing left

It gave me self respect

It gave me a way out of being bullied

Ultimately it gave me my daughter

Two and a half years after losing almost everything I stood on a tennis court again with intent

I was more than rusty

I was more than a little unfit

The standard was average at best

I found myself 1-5 down and losing in the first set

I fought

I battled

I got stuck in

I found my reserves

I hustled

And eventually I dug myself out of the hole I was in and I won

I found a way to turn a losing position to a winning one

It won’t happen every time but that doesn’t matter

I know I can do it

Business is like that

It can be tough

It can be lonely

It can feel like you’re losing day after day

You can fight

You can battle

You can find a way

You know what my biggest fear was standing on that court yesterday?

That I’d hate it

That I wouldn’t care

But I didn’t, I loved it, all of it

My passion is back

I can’t wait for the next battle

Keep working, keep trying and keep hustling

You’re stronger than you know even when you think you’re losing

6 – 3, 2 – 6, 7 – 6 (4), 6 – 4 (The score in case you’re interested)

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