How can I manage my business’ finance?

Here’s a quick question for you.


Do you know your numbers? For example, do you know how many leads you need to reach your targets each month? If you don’t – you need to.


Because the problem is: if you’ve got money in your business bank account (or if you’re a sole trader that may be a personal account) it can be easy to think you have money to spend. That things are going better than they are.


Spending is an emotional decision. You see the balance and think “Great! I can buy a new PC”. Or “Brilliant! I can spend more on marketing this month”.


But…the better way to run a business is not to be emotionally driven.  To make decisions based on data. Which is easier when you ‘know your numbers’. Numbers IN and numbers OUT.


When you know those: what they are now and what they need to be, months in advance, you begin to make decisions based on facts, not emotions.


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