Free Lunch

Group of adults sat at a dining table having a discussion over lunch
You’ve heard the old saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”.

My football club, QPR has recently been securing deals with local businesses in what seems to be an effort to reestablish its community presence.

Long overdue but welcome.

One of these partnership ideas is 10% off food and drink at local pubs.

Obviously, we thought we’d take advantage of it 😊

Three of us went to one of these establishments before a recent game about 6 weeks ago.  One we’d not normally visit but hey… 10% off and all that.

For clarity – we booked a table in advance as we wanted to eat.

All good so far, until we turned up.

The table was next to the bar (ever tried having a conversation and drinking with someone’s backside in your ear?)

The service was AWFUL.  25 minutes before we could order from the table during which time we’d ordered and received drinks TWICE by going to the bar itself.

With 10 minutes to go before we had to leave for kick-off our waiter informs us the kitchen is slow, food will be another 30 minutes.  We’d already waited 40.

Half the pub was wearing QPR shirts, including us.  They knew when KO was, so why not tell us the kitchen was slow at point of sale.

I’m sanguine about these things (maybe because I have email to rant through).  My friend, John, less so.

John wrote a scathing review.  Not nasty, just blunt, and factual.

The Manager of the bar messaged him.

“This isn’t good enough, we’re better, I apologise.”

He then said “Come back, let us prove ourselves.  Have a meal and drinks on me and IF we do well, please change your review.”

Turns out there is such a thing as a free lunch after all.

Taking responsibility as a business, fessing up and properly apologising is a rare thing these days.

We’re going back this Saturday.  After the Norwich game.

Red wine if we lose, prosecco when we win.

I’ll let you know how we get on and more importantly how they get on.

Working out what to do WHEN things go wrong is something we often discuss in our Locker Room meetings.  If you fancy joining in and working out how to mitigate the risks in your customer journey, let me know.

Oh and the food and drink are on me!

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