No Risk, No Reward?  

 The moment that Ben Stokes decided to declare in the first innings of the first test of the Ashes, everything changed. 


If you’re not familiar with what the England cricket team are doing, they’re completely tearing up the rulebook when it comes to test cricket. 


Bazball, as it’s affectionately known, is all about taking risks by taking positive and aggressive decisions that force the opposition to react.  


It’s exciting, innovative, and it’s been incredibly successful for England in the last 18 months.  


But in the first test of the Ashes, it worked against them. 


They took the decision to force Australia to bat right at the end of an exhausting first day of cricket in the heat – and it almost paid off. 


There’s another 4 tests to go so there’s still plenty of time for England to turn it around… 


And the lesson they’ll be talking about will be that by taking risks in recent months, they’ve won more than they’ve lost. 


In business, taking risks is part of what you do each and every day. 


The only question is whether you’re taking the right risks at the right time to deliver the outcome you’re looking for. 


When’s The Right Time To Take A Risk? 


Before you get to that point, you’ve got to take the time to really understand WHY you do what you do… and work out what you’re aiming for. 


And the reality is that the only person who can define that is you. 


When I say goals and what you’re aiming for, I don’t mean vague aspirations such as ‘increasing revenue’, by the way. 


I mean defining what it is that you’re running your business for – is it to create a business for your children to take over? To build something with enough value to sell in the next 5 years? To make enough money to retire? Or to make enough to have a nice house and a couple of holidays a year? 


Clarity is the name of the game and without it, there’s no point taking any risks. 


It’s something we focus on a lot with our Locker Room clients – having that clarity of thought to know where you’re going is so crucial. 


But we know exactly what your pain points are – you’re short on time, you’re focused on what’s happening day-to-day, and you’re risk averse.  


We can change that and give you the time and clarity you need to take the right risks to make a difference – just hit reply and let’s have a chat about making it happen. 

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