Spotting opportunities

Or surrounded by opportunity?

Whilst thinking about what to write this Friday morning, it occurred to me that that we’re very quickly coming up to a year since we started to be aware that this “bat thing” might affect us in some way or form.

Some way or form

I don’t think anyone expected the complete annihilation of our way of life.  I shan’t wax on about what those changes are; you already know.

And it’s been challenging and hugely chaotic at times.

A crisis like nothing we’ve collectively experienced for a long time

Ironically, there is an urban myth that the Mandarin Chinese word for crisis is made up of the two words, danger, and opportunity.  It’s a myth but I like it.

It’s been tough in many ways, in different ways for many people but this I know for sure.  Those who have seen the opportunities, who have acted quickly and decisively have benefited.

Those who have seized the time given to create new products, services or invest in new business have thrived.

Don’t get me wrong, they are also suffering, also dealing with home schooling, a lack of cash, a lack of time, a lack of resource.  A lack of confidence, a lack of certainty, a lack of family support.  A lack of engagement, a lack of motivation, a lack of sleep.

But speaking to them there is one trait they all share.  A single-minded focus on answering one question, all day, every day.

What CAN I do?

When you start to ask that question and surround yourself with people who can help you answer it, the answers create solutions.

Solutions lead to motivation.

Motivation leads to action.

Action leads to momentum.

Momentum leads to motivation.

Motivation leads to more action

Action often means chaos

It also means more opportunity

This is what high performers do.  They look for the answers to the questions others don’t start asking.

Then they perform

It’s never perfect but they perform anyway

Despite the crisis, despite the danger

And sometimes they fail

But they get up and ask themselves

What can I do?


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