Practice makes permanent

I love playing golf.   


The difficulty of the technique, the fact there are a thousand and one components to the swing.  I love being outside and I love the mental challenge it offers me.  


Recently, I’ve started working on one of my 2018 goals to reduce my handicap. This has involved having lessons.  It started with an assessment of where I currently am, and an agreed outcome of what success would look like to me.   

I liked him already.  Too many coaches have a quick look and then dive into “fixing” stuff.   


It surprised me that he believed that I wasn’t aiming high enough in terms of success.  That I had more potential than I thought I did.  I’ve decided to believe in my coach, Paul.  He’s encouraged me to aim for the standards he’s believes I can reach. 


I asked Paul after our first lesson, how often we should have them.  His reply?   


“Here’s a card for the range.  Go and buy enough credit for at least 10 practice sessions of 100 balls a session.  Then I’ll think about giving you another lesson.”  That’s a thousand balls hit before he’ll give me the next thing to work on. 


Wow! Here’s a guy after my own heart.  Here’s a guy who knows how to teach.   


There’s no point learning new things if you don’t practice in between the learning.   


Dedicated practice.  Planned practice.  Practicing with Integrity – when no one is looking. 


It’s where the change happens, not in the lesson, in the application of knowledge in between.  We all have things in our business we should simplify and just do.  Simple things, done well and repeated that will have an impact. 


We want to learn new stuff constantly, in the hope it will be the golden ticket.  Golfers buy new clubs because they believe it will give them an extra 30 yards or help them be straighter or sink more putts.  Business owners invest in tech, in apps, give up on networking or try a leaflet drop once.   


Find something, apply it, repeat, and measure the results.   


Practice makes permanent.  Perfect practice makes perfect. 


I’ll let you know how I get on with my practicing.


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