Procrastination leads to… more procrastination!

Next week our social feeds will be full of new school photos and doorstep selfies.

As exciting as it is, children all over the country will also be dealing with something none of us are huge fans of.


Change is uncomfortable.

Change means uncertainty, unknown and danger.

Even in our safe modern world, that’s how our brains judge change.

And how do we deal with it?

By putting it off, by slowing down and by creating excuses or barriers.

Children starting a new school don’t have an option and they have the comfort of their peers going through the same change as them.

That’s helpful.

As business owners we’re often faced with change, uncertainty and the unknown.

Whether it’s a new marketing strategy, team member or simply moving office, our days are filled with a multitude of decisions which we put off.

We need to be faster decision makers not better procrastinators.

Procrastination builds up the fear which leads to more procrastination.

The solution(s)?


Action creates momentum which creates speed which reduces friction.

Do it today, not tomorrow and certainly not once all the ducks are lined up.  Ducks move, constantly.

Oh – and it helps to have someone alongside you who’s gone from world champion procrastinator to action taker.

Get in touch – together we’ll get you running through the changes you need to make, whatever they are.

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