Progress Is Subjective


They say that Rome wasn’t built in a day – but they were laying bricks on day one.  

Progress is so subjective but it’s human nature to compare ourselves to others. 

Whether it’s the neighbour who’s driving a new sports car, the childhood friend who’s retired early, or the cousin that’s on yet another holiday. 

But nobody can do what you do. 

So much of life is inconsequential that we do it on autopilot.  

Life Is Full Of Routine 

If you can remember every detail about your drive to work this morning or what you did last Wednesday, you’re doing better than 90% of us. 

Because our brains are trained to focus on the important stuff and anything that fits into the ‘routine’ side of things can be done without too much thought. 

And yet running a business can feel like an all-consuming thing. 

It’s partly because so much of it ISN’T routine – there are always new challenges and new opportunities. 

Thankfully, you’re not trying to build an empire. 

And even if you are, it’s yours to build, one day at a time.  

Rome might be one of the greatest empires ever to exist, but context is important – how many other empires have been and gone? 

It might all be ancient history but there’s nowhere better to learn lessons than from what’s already been before. 

The First Two Years 

Most businesses don’t make it past their first two years so if you’ve done that, you should be proud of what you’ve achieved. 

It’s not always because the idea wasn’t right or the time wasn’t right or because of any specific mistakes that were made, either. 

Hard work will take you far but sometimes it’s about more than that. 

Many of the business owners I speak to started their journey because they love what they do and they wanted the chance to stamp their own mark on the world. 

As time goes on, managing the business takes over and the joy you had on day one slowly evaporates… 

But that doesn’t mean it’s gone forever – it’s about context and giving yourself the time to define where you want to be. 

Starting your own business is a leap of faith in yourself and your vision and you already made that. 

If you feel like you’re treading water or not moving in the direction you want to be, it might be worth us having a chat. 

Progress is subjective and I’m not suggesting I’m Mark Antony (or Marcus Antonius to give him his proper name), but things aren’t always linear. 

Just because you achieved something last year (or didn’t), doesn’t mean the next step is just ahead. But it can be… 


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