I Best Not Forget…

There’s a lot going on in February.


But there’s one date you absolutely MUST NOT forget – because it’s not long until Pancake Day.


Whether you’re a sweet or savoury person, a Nutella or sugar and lemon kinda person, or an American bacon and maple syrup fan, nothing beats Pancake Day.


I should say that it’s also Valentine’s Day soon, so don’t forget that one either.


Batter Be Prepared


When it comes to Pancake Day, I’m in my element.


Armed with my tried and tested batter recipe (my Yorkshire puds are top-notch, believe me) and my trusty pan, I’m a force to be reckoned with.


The choices are endless but the temptation to go for the big flip is always there.


Sure, it might end up stuck to the ceiling, crumpling in a heap on the kitchen worktop, or if you’re really unlucky, it’ll hit someone square in the face.


But my wider point is that February is the shortest month of the year and by the time Pancake Day rolls around, we’ll be well into 2023.


After a long January, sometimes it might feel like things ease off slightly in February and there’s time to pause and take a breath.


The reality, though, is that the year picks up pace and in 4 weeks we’ll be in March and Spring will start to take off.


So, How Far Along With Your Plans For 2023 Are You?


If you’re not sure, haven’t started, or you’re not where you want to be, now is the time to kick things up a gear and start putting plans in motion to make this year a success.


Things might be busy but as they say, the best time to fix the roof is when the sun is shining.


Let’s ignore the fact that it’s winter and consider the analogy as it’s meant to be – now is the time to start taking the small steps towards your big goals.


So much of what we do is building towards our longer-term goals but how focused are they?

The famous story by the Olympic Rower Ben Hunt-Davis about their build-up and training for the Sydney 2000 Olympics encompasses this perfectly. After several

poor performances in the Olympics, they completely re-thought their training regime to the extent that they asked themselves one simple question before they did anything in their lives:


Will it make the boat go faster?


That meant every little thing from eating a steak at dinner to whether they did that extra 2k on their run that morning.


The point is to consider everything you do in your business and ask yourself if it’s helping you reach your goals.


Those goals might be to retire by 55, live a life where you can take 8 weeks off a year and have plenty of holidays or it might be to leave a business your children can take over.


And having that anchor will help focus you and distil everything you do into that simple question – does it help you achieve your goals?

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