Reconnecting With What’s Important

Every several months Kay and I check in with our goals and set new ones. We use a process I’ve developed over a number of years which is both mindful and very visual.


It helps us both (and clients I’ve shared it with) connect with what’s important without everyday noise getting in the way.


It’s an emotional and powerful process that really sets us up with things to aim for that matter.


It’s not difficult but it does take time. So we plan the time to plan!


We did this while we were away last weekend and I now feel inspired, motivated and driven to move things on in the business and personally because …


I’ve reconnected with what’s important.


The next step is just as important though.


And one that many people don’t do.


It’s not enough to set goals.


You have to plan them too….


You need to work out HOW you’re going to achieve them, what resources you’ll need (time/people/sacrifice/cash) and then share and schedule the time to do it.


By that I mean put time in your diary and treat it like you would a meeting with a client or prospect.


You wouldn’t let them down, so why let yourself down?


If you’d like a chat about how I do this. Get in touch.


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