Should I run my business on my own?

Falling Shelf

We live an old house.  It’s not a rundown ramshackle affair but it was built in the 1850’s.  This inevitably means that there are bits of it that are worn, tired and in places, falling apart.

For instance, there’s a point at which the conservatory meets the original roof line and it leaks.  We have a tray with a towel perched under the beam and empty it regularly in the winter months or it drips into my coffee supply which would be a disaster of epic proportions.

When we discovered the leak, the first thing we did was to get a roofer to look at it.  And then, another one, just in case.  Neither of them can find the source so we’ve learned to tolerate it.

The same applied when the oil line got blocked, we got an expert in.  The fence came down, we got a fencer.

We’ve had windows replaced… by a glazier.

Having a porch built… by a builder

When the Septic tank needed checking, we certainly used an expert.

Under stair cupboards… a joiner

Could doesn’t mean should!

I could have had a go at many of these things myself (not the tank) but my point it this.  I found someone more experienced, more qualified, and most importantly with different ideas to do the work instead.

The same applies to the car when it needs servicing… I take it to the garage

The washing machine stopped working… we called an engineer

The boiler died… we found an oil boiler replacement expert

And more:

I want to be a better golfer… I use a coach

I want to cook more… I use recipes for inspiration and guidance

I want to get fitter… I use a trainer

I feel ill… I go to the doctors

Need legal help… call my solicitor

Get my accounts done… ask my accountant

Be smart

Using other people’s expertise, to me, is the smart thing to do.  Fixing or building things myself is possible but even if I were slightly practised in those things it would take me away from what I am talented at.

When I want to learn something new or improve a skill, I get help.  It’s quicker, it means I avoid the mistakes they made and I get to ask the stupid questions.

But when it comes to building or improving our businesses, why do we spend so much time trying to do it all ourselves.

Figuring out what to do, in what order?

There are people out there who have already done it.  There are opportunities to learn from others, access shortcuts and get the obvious questions answered.  You can avoid mistakes and be challenged to think better or bigger.

Imagine if you could provide a brief description of the problem, ambition or challenge and get a diagnosis and potential solution.

Wouldn’t that be a thing?

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