I’m looking for Joanne…

This morning, a random parcel turned up, delivered by our DPD driver Osman.

Osman is cool, he knows to try the doorbell and if we don’t answer he leaves parcels in the porch.


Today was a rare occasion where we answered the door and we were handed the package.

Rarely a day goes by without the doorbell ringing and a parcel turning up. If it’s not Osman, it’s the postman and if it’s not the postman you can always rely on Amazon to bring you something.

Buying stuff has never been so easy.

I opened the parcel which has “inspiration inside” printed on the outside of the box – very nice.

And inside is a lovely roll top marl-grey rucksack – very nice again, thank you.

It’s clearly from one of the various companies we’ve used recently to get branded “stuff from”.


Put something in my hand I can feel, probably use for a while, and then maybe buy a few for clients and the team.

Still clever.

Except, I have absolutely no idea which company it’s from.

Not so clever…

There’s nothing on the box; nothing on the label (though it was helpfully picked by Joanne – good work) and nothing on the descriptor slip inside.

It could be the company that we got the pens from, or maybe the coffee mugs or the notebooks or the hoodies – you get the picture.

I’m lazy, so I’m not going to trawl through the various companies’ websites and see if I can find a matching product. Two reasons, I’m lazy and because I’m lazy I didn’t order them – Hannah did.

So, a lovely bag, that I’ll use. A great idea as it certainly puts them top of mind when I use it but I’m stumped as to who “them” is.

If you know Joanne, let me know – she might know.

There’s some great stuff going on here alongside some a simple mistake that’s easily avoidable – shame.

Let me know what you think of the bag.

And, let me know If you’d like to get a fresh look at your customer journey so you’re not making a simple (costly) mistake alongside the great stuff you’re doing.

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