There’s nothing like the World Cup!

I don’t know if you know this about me… but I love sport.


I golf, I’ve got a long history with Tennis, and I’m a huge QPR fan.


But there’s nothing quite like watching the best of the best strut their stuff.


The World Cup is the absolute pinnacle of sporting excellence – it’s a lifetime of hard work distilled into individual moments within a game.


There’s something incredibly special about a World Cup.


Seeing countries from around the world on the biggest stage in football (it still holds more power than the Champions League for me) is a great moment.


But for England, success in major tournaments isn’t easy to come by.


And you only have to look at how a Lionel Messi goal for Argentina is celebrated or a Brazilian goal sparks wild celebrations on the streets of Sao Paolo to know how much it means to every single country competing.


Fine Margins…


Football is a traditionally low scoring game.


It’s part of the reason it’s never taken off in the US as a major force like other sports (amongst other factors).


But because it’s low scoring, it means every chance, incident, and goal holds SO much value. Because it could be the thing that makes all the difference.


And once you get to the final group games and beyond – it’s make or break. Each goal could be the difference between success and failure.


I always come back to that famous line of commentary:


“It’s either going to take something really special or a mistake to win this game.”


Because there’s a lesson for all of us in there.


So much of what we do sits in the balance between success and failure, and it could come down to one small detail to make all the difference.

Football is a great example of it, but there are things that happen in our daily lives that have the same impact.

We make 35,000 choices every day, according to scientists. They can be as simple as what you have for breakfast, which shoe you put on first, and when to have your first cup of tea of the day.


But they can also be decisions that make a BIG difference to you and your business.


So, the question I want to ask you is:


What is the biggest challenge in your business?


And the follow-up question to that is, how are you going to overcome it?


It’s something worth thinking about.

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