Step away

image2 I was in the gym earlier today. Ok, don’t laugh; I actually do manage to get in there a couple of times a week as opposed to just sitting in the sauna.

My gym has got a hold load of new kit. Brand new, all shiny and exciting. The kind of kit that makes you want to try it all out despite not knowing what half of it is for. The best bit (for me) is a new floor area with ladders and clocks and hexagons, and hop scotch areas painted on it. I love this kind of stuff as it took me back to the type of training I really enjoyed when I used to play and coach tennis and the exercises I used to make the kids do.

It goes without saying that if you’re going to make someone do something, you need to show them how to do it first. So I got really good at some of this stuff. Being better than a five year old isn’t that tough but you get the idea.

So one of the new bits of kits they have are three ‘boxes’ that are of different heights. These can be connected together in various ways to create varying height platforms.   So use can use the 20cm on its own or put the 40cm and 20cm together to make a 60cm height box or the 60cm and the 40cm to make a meter tall box.

Now the idea is that you jump or hop onto these boxes and because of the material they don’t slip on the floor and your trainers get traction.

So I stand in front of this 80 centimetre high box, bend my knees and jump straight up into the side of the box, rebound and fall flat on my arse.

Thankfully these boxes are soft so it doesn’t hurt and I’m on a sprung floor (you’d think that would help) so I quickly look around ignoring the personal trainer giggling at me and have another go.

Same result.

I tried again, and again with Josh now laughing so hard I though his over tight Lycra trousers were going to split….

Hmmmm…. this wasn’t the way I used to do this 6 or 7 years ago….

I looked at the box…

The box looked at me….I swear…

I took a step back, took a step forward and jumped again.

This time I landed on the edge of the box, tottered for a moment trying to retain balance and then leaped gracefully down…. that last bit was in my head; what I actually did was slightly more ungainly.

I tried again…

Step back, step forward and leap.

Up I sailed and landed safely, comfortably on top of the box.

(Selfie high five moment)

After a few more successful jumps I rested (knackered) and thought about what I’d just done. Not in a self congratulatory way but in an analytical manner.

What did I change to get to the top of the box by stepping backwards?

And then it hit me… (not the box)

It’s all about momentum.

But more importantly by taking a step away I was able to create the momentum.

I reckon I could have kept hitting my shins against the edge of the top box all afternoon if I hadn’t taken a step back to be able to take the step forwards and get some momentum created.

You get what I’m getting at here…

Sometimes we’re so caught up in trying to do what we’ve always been doing and feeling like we’re struggling through treacle when actually the best thing to do is take a step away so that you can find a way to move forwards.

However small the step, being able to gain some space is often all it needs to create an alternative path towards our goals. We’re often so close to the problem that we can’t see the solution.

Look at the challenge you’re currently facing (I bet you have at least one) and try to view it from a different perspective. Try to see where you can approach the issue from in a different way. Better still get someone to look at the problem with you. I bet if Josh hadn’t been giggling so much he would have told me to step away.

If I hadn’t been so stubborn I might have worked out the solution quicker as well.

The best thing was that once I had built up confidence in myself that I could make the jump, I then did it from a standing start, several times – the proof is in this video here if you don’t believe me.

Next week, Monday in fact, I’m going for the full metre – bring it on!

If you’re stubborn or just want some help at looking at things from a different perspective, why not get in touch and see how I can help. If you’re not sure what that might involve, check out what these lovely people have to say about me first….


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