Stop Being Your Own Critic And Start Being Supportive

We are our harshest critics.


There’s no one else in the world who will find fault as often and as¬†discriminately as we do to our selves.


It’s good to look back on what we’ve done and learn from our mistakes but there’s a fine line between being critical and being cruel.


Next time you catch yourself berating yourself for something that didn’t go quite right ….


Ask yourself….


…”What would I do if it was someone else saying that to me?”¬†



Generally, your friends and peers don’t call you an idiot and tell you you’re rubbish when you make a mistake.


Although you might catch yourself saying it sometimes. In your head, or even out loud.


Friends would never genuinely criticise you in such a cruel way.


So, why is it that we’re so quick to beat OURSELVES up when something goes vaguely wrong?


Next time you catch yourself being overly critical and cruel to yourself stop, look at the people around you and imagine one of them were saying those things to you. How would you react?


Would you be comfortable with it or would you, as I suspect I would, be very angry.


You expect you probably wouldn’t sit back and take the same insults from anyone else so don’t take them from yourself.


Be encouraging and supportive.


Pick yourself up when things don’t work out and tell yourself to keep trying. Just as your friends would.

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