What is impostor syndrome and how do I overcome it?

Martina Navratilova was once asked, “How do you maintain your focus, physique and sharp game even at the

age of 43?”

You may not know who Martina is, but she’s considered a GOAT (greatest of all time) candidate in the tennis world.

Her response?

“The ball doesn’t know how old I am”

What she meant is that the game of tennis is played, not on the court but on a six-inch playing area. The space

between your ears.

Find a way

You need to find a way to stop yourself from stopping yourself.

We don’t live in the spaces we occupy; we live in the space within us. This space is limitless. Its playing area

only defined by your own limitations.

When that space is clear, free, and uncluttered, life is great.

When that space we live in is cluttered with anger, fear, regret, expectation, secrets and worries it makes a mess

of your ambition, your hopes, and life is less great.

The key to performing well in the arena of life (and business) is the ability to control the quality and quantity of

that space by managing your internal dialogue.

Performance is made up of your potential minus internal interference.

Take advantage of your playing field

You’re gifted with the greatest playing field you can imagine. Let your imagination take you where you want to
go, not hinder your path to greatness with rubbish blowing all over the playing surface, tripping you up and
slowing you down

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