Why you should stop leaving decisions to the last minute


Hi everyone.

Ash here with my quick Friday message.

What I wanted to talk to you about today was something that I just recently learned, a new thing.

I was at a meeting last week were somebody shared this with me. They were explaining that, apparently, our ability to make decisions diminishes as the day goes on.

It’s one of the reasons that you’ll see very successful people, Mark Zuckerberg is a great example, he always wears the same clothes and I suspect he probably has the same thing for breakfast every day as well.

I guess what my message is that knowing that your ability to make decisions is going to diminish or reduce as the day goes on.

Perhaps what we should start doing is thinking about taking away some of the decisions that we make by planning things a little bit earlier.

What are you going to wear? Sort that out the night before. Maybe you should always wear the same thing, bit boring but at least you don’t have to think about it. What are you going to have for breakfast etc?

When are going to do certain things as well, rather than deciding when shall I do this, when shall I do that?

That’s my message today.

Be aware that your ability to make decisions reduces as the day goes on.

The more that you can minimise decision making, the better.




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