Case Study – Dan Harrison

Customers on Tap Ltd t/a WP Doctors

Dan Harrison is the Director and Lead Developer at WP Doctors

He founded the company (known as WordPress Doctors) after beginning his career in 2010 as a freelancer specialising in WordPress development services.

Since that time the company has progressed; through customer demand and Dan’s recognition of what established companies need. Dan now helps businesses position themselves as the experts in their field with fast-loading websites that capture leads.

Why did you choose Ash?

I met with Ash for a general catch-up as we know each other. And through our conversation he recognised that I appeared to be searching for something but neither of us could identify what that was.

He suggested that I should join his Coaching Group as he thought my issue could be that I was lonely in my business and would benefit from peer interaction and support.

After thinking our conversation through carefully I could see joining a group would bring positive benefits to both me and my business.

How has Ash helped?

Although we think similarly, Ash will often have a different viewpoint to me. And, because I tend to have a higher level advanced thinking approach; Ash will listen, take it down to base level and pick up on the bit I’ve missed because I can easily get caught up and overthink a situation making it perhaps more complicated than it needs to be. Having someone do that is incredibly useful as it’s easy to make assumptions that are incorrect if you are thinking through a situation alone.

How did joining the group help?

Joining the group has helped me in several ways.

Firstly it’s allowed me the opportunity to help other business owners which has reinforced the confidence in myself that I realise I’d lost.

Also, when I make a suggestion to another group member it can sometimes trigger the recognition that I also need to take that particular action. And I may not have realised that had I not been in the group and seen how others are managing or developing their businesses. It’s great when you can take a step back and say “Mmm…maybe I need to take my own advice here!”

I believe business owners easily fall into the trap of ‘Comparisonitis’ – where we compare ourselves to others who appear more successful, without knowing the full story or the s***t they went through before the success. Being in a group allows you to see others’ strengths and weaknesses as they unfold. So you can support when needed or share successes. It’s a great leveller. And it can reassure you you’re often doing better than you think you are.

Also, a group scenario works for me because when I make a commitment to others it’s stronger than any I make to myself. So the accountability in a group is powerful. If I say in a group that I’m going to do something – I do. 

What would you say are Ash’s strongest qualities as a coach?

Ash reads a lot. And because his tastes are very different to mine what I find invaluable is that he can pull out nuggets of ideas and theories from a book I would never think to read. They’re always well-chosen, and appropriate for your situation.

So his strength is that from his vast library of knowledge he can identify the most appropriate information and advice to share with you as an individual. It’s bite-sized, specific to your situation and always compelling; and you can go and read more on it if you want to.

What difference has Ash made to your business?

I’ve just achieved my first £10k month in about four years. This financial year, I have also achieved a 61.6% increase in gross profit compared to last financial year and an increase in turnover of 33.4%.

What I’ve discovered about myself is that following the crowd doesn’t motivate me or make me happy in my work. My new business structure is now starting to allow me the freedom to choose the work I enjoy. That alone makes me happy as it’s now me in control of my schedule, not my workload or my clients.

Ash and the group have helped me tease out things I need to focus on, which has helped me achieve financials this year I’m really proud of.

Would you recommend Ash?

Categorically yes.

The best advice I can give anyone considering joining Ash’s group is to do what he recommends himself – empty your cup of knowledge and have an open mind.

Don’t assume you know it all and be prepared to get help and guidance. The things I’ve achieved in my business are the very things my inner critic wouldn’t initially let me do until I opened my mind up to new ideas.

Dan Harrison, Lead Developer at WP Doctors. Working with WordPress since it was in nappies