Case Study – Martin Gladdish

The Business Ghost

Martin Gladdish aka The Business Ghost has made a successful business from helping clients create their strategy, develop their style and craft their story by ghostwriting and co-authoring their blogs and business books.

Using the support of Ash’s coaching group sessions he’s made the transition from average paid copywriter to sought after specialist ghostwriter for many notable businessmen and women. He has increased his turnover and pricing.

Martin shares how working with Ash and the group have helped him make positive advancements to his mindset and his business:

Why did you choose Ash?

I’ve used other coaches previously but was looking for one that could help my development. At that time I wasn’t necessarily looking for help with my business.

I was able to attend one of his group taster sessions and I could see straight away he was a good fit because Ash focusses on the person, not the business.

I also felt a connection with his sports background as I’ve always been interested in sports so the approach Ash took – which is different from many business coaches – appealed to me. I totally understood how the mindset of a tennis player, for example, could be similar to a successful business owner. We all have access to the tools that will help our business if we want them – but it’s about our mindset on the day.

How did Ash help?

Ash has presented new ideas that have changed my thinking. And that’s had a positive effect on my business. But as I mentioned, it wasn’t about that for me. What Ash did was get me to be honest with myself and I realised that wasn’t something I’d been doing.

It sounds cliché, but it was as if he could see inside my head and identify my stumbling blocks. He could see I tended to battle against myself instead of moving forward using the skills I had. He showed me how to make the right wins for me. To find a niche in the market that could be tapped using my creativity so I could enjoy doing what I do.

How else did Ash help?

I’ve known since I started my business that my ‘head’ would be my main challenge! I knew I was good at what I did, but some days I couldn’t get into the right headspace to take advantage of the skill I had and channel it towards growing a successful business. I needed help to change that.

When we first started working together, Ash encouraged me to be part of his group so I could benefit from being part of a peer group.

Initially, that was a massive step for me, and I wasn’t sure I would be comfortable. And sure enough, after the first session, I did feel a little beaten up!But Ash had recognised something I hadn’t– that I work well in a group and when I have accountability amongst my peers.

This set up has really worked for me. I leave each group session feeling inspired to achieve; I also find I learn from others in the group.

And it highlights another skill Ash has. He has a knack of getting the right people in the room for mutual benefit to all! He’s able to attract a group of passionate talented people who then start to work as a team. They have mutual respect and admiration; and support and motivate each other.

What would you say are Ash’s strongest qualities as a coach?

Ash coaches people, not businesses. That’s his strong point. And it makes his service almost bespoke – because he identifies what you need as an individual. So yes, he shares all the general knowledge and tools a business owner needs to have: the numbers; the strategy, the marketing etc. But in my opinion, his strength is in identifying what motivates people and allows them to grow and move forward.

They then have the confidence and skills to develop their business.

What difference has Ash made to your business?

Since working with Ash, my business has seen systematic growth of 30% to 40% each month and I’m achieving an income I didn’t think was possible when I started.

I’m confident if I stick to the written plan we’ve put in place I will not only reach the £10k threshold it will be by doing things I enjoy.

As importantly for me, my attitude and mindset have changed immeasurably.

Ongoing role

Even when I reach the VAT threshold and all my boxes are ticked and goals achieved I will continue attending Ash’s groups. I see it as such a healthy thing for a small business to do.  

Would you recommend Ash?

I would recommend Ash to all small business owners!  

But in particular those who feel they’re in a rut and don’t know how to break out of it. I was in that position and working with Ash and the group has allowed me to develop personally and achieve what I thought I couldn’t.

Martin Gladdish, The Ghost Writer. Making the world a better place by telling the stories that matter