Case Study – Robin Adams

Robin Adams – The Mailchimp Guy

Robin is known by many as ’the Mailchimp Guy.’ And, through his company, Chimp Answers, he helps businesses improve their Marketing; with a specific focus on using email (and Mailchimp) effectively.

He loves to get ‘stuck in’ and with over 25 years experience covering many different marketing roles he has an excellent knowledge of how the marketing technology available to business owners today can be used to reach the right customers. Robin is known by all who’ve worked with him as 51% marketer and 49% geek!

In this case study, Robin explains the benefits of working with the right business coach and why…

Why Ash?

My overriding reason for choosing to work with Ash was that, in my opinion, he holds far more credibility than a lot of other business coaches. By that, I mean, we know he can say with honesty:  “I’ve been there, and I’ve done that!” I’m not saying other coaches are not good. For example, I was with the same business coach for over three years; and learned a lot that was relevant for me at the time as I had just started my business.

But I got to the point where I struggled to respect their experience as I know it was a franchise business, so anything I was told was likely to be from a set format and ‘second-hand’ rather than real experience. It can be easy to say you need to do ‘this, this or this’. But unless you’ve been through that journey yourself, you can’t advise – especially when things don’t conform to the format written down. Only experience can give you the ability and tools to share in those circumstances.

The big attraction when working with Ash is that he has integrity and real experience of the ups and downs of running a business. He’s done it, and he’s continuing to do it.  And he’s able to share his real-time journey with us so we can learn from that too.

Above all, I respect what he’s been through. And how he’s ridden the peaks and troughs to get where he is now. His ‘realness’ is what allows him to do what lots of other business coaches can’t and that’s cut through to what’s important.


How did Ash help your business?

There are two parts to this answer! I’ve been working with Ash for two years and each year has been different and dependant on the point I’m at with my business and the directions I’ve been able to choose at various times.

The first year was about giving me the confidence that what I was doing and the decisions I needed to make were the right ones for the direction I was taking. It was about setting and completing projects that ensured I had the right systems in place for success.

And, doing so resulted in the business having the best year so far, and by a substantial amount. I put this primarily down to having someone believing in me and advising me. Especially on the occasions when I started to lose confidence in myself. At those times, I could easily have stagnated or stopped altogether. But Ash was there to ensure I didn’t; to see the bigger picture objectively when I couldn’t.

The second year was slightly different as I began to decide what I did, or didn’t, want to continue. I found I needed to get a better balance between what I enjoyed and what I knew I was good at. And start to do less of what I didn’t enjoy or feel I excelled in.

What I got from Ash at this stage of the business and during that crucial decision-making time was perspective. Someone I respect giving me advice and guidance – as some of the decisions, at first, didn’t seem the right ones. Also, having someone looking from the ‘outside’ and who knows you well enough to help form decisions based on your ability is invaluable because we can’t always see for ourselves what we’re capable of.


How else did Ash help?

The group Ash runs has been fantastic in helping me achieve success too. Having the input of others and being held to account by my peers really does work for me because they keep pushing me forward. I can say with no doubt that I would be in a different place mentally had it not been for this group.

I find myself looking forward to each meeting I attend. I want to impress the others and demonstrate the progress I’ve made. And if I haven’t made progress I’m never made to feel bad, just encouraged to continue, along with their advice on similar situations to help me.

I’m convinced that you can’t run a business on your own – and you shouldn’t even try. A support network is essential, and Ash and the Mastermind group provides me with that ongoing support.


What are Ash’s strongest qualities as a coach?

In my experience, business owners are not very good at being business owners!

What Ash does is to provide a knowledge base, from experience, not textbooks. And offer a supportive community to help you become that ‘better business owner’. He’s able to improve you and the way you behave and operate; so by default, your business develops. The fact that Ash understands this is one of his strongest qualities, and it’s very powerful.

Another rare quality but one that Ash has is his accessibility. And he’s also able to talk with authority and credibility. As mentioned earlier, it’s easy to listen to someone telling you what you should do. But if they haven’t done it themselves, then it’s too easy to dismiss that advice. When Ash starts a sentence with: “You should probably consider this…” then you take notice because it’s undoubtedly a journey he’s already been on.


Ongoing role

I’m aware there’s always a limited timeframe to working with someone. Beyond that, it can get staid or dull and it can lose impact. However, because Ash has so much experience to share and because he’s continually meeting and working with new people; who are all able to add to the knowledge base; that point is a long way off yet.

So I’m fully committed to continuing working with Ash for the long-term. And even if my business format or focus should change I certainly see Ash playing a pivotal role in my future.



On occasion, although not every month, I’ve been able to achieve the £10k a month goal I aspired to when starting to work with Ash. And some months I’ve seen a YOY increase of up to 40% which I’m incredibly happy with.


Would you recommend Ash?

I have no hesitation in recommending Ash, and I do so regularly. When business owners go to him with the right frame of mind and are ready to learn and take his advice, they will see positive results.


Robin Adams
Owner, Chimp Answers