Case Study – The Good Marketer

The Good Marketer is one of the fastest growing digital marketing agencies in London (although with clients throughout the UK).

They specialise in helping small businesses to be successful through exceptional, results-driven solutions. Bridging the gap for growing businesses who don’t want to deal with expensive agencies and a host of freelancers; but would still like to grow, develop and succeed.

Tom, Founder and Director of The Good Marketer shares why working with Ash as a Business Coach has made such a positive impact on the future of his business.

Why Ash?

I’d heard of Ash beforehand; and also attended several meetings where Ash was working with other clients. From these I was able to see first hand the value he was bringing to them and their companies.

At the time my business was doing okay. But I felt we were stagnating in terms of direction. From what I’d witnessed at those meetings, I wondered if he might be just the person to help me uncover the further potential I knew was in my business.

How did Ash help your business?

Ash helped in a variety of ways. Most importantly I now had someone to explore possibilities with; which was invaluable. He also suggested ideas I wouldn’t have thought of. That had a very positive impact on my thinking process. He guided me towards the necessary decisions that would get the business from where it was currently to where I wanted it to be.

The most significant step for us has been defining what our values are as a business and ensuring our pricing is clear. Initially, we got it wrong but after some more in-depth brainstorming, we nailed it.

Consequently, Ash helped us take our business from earning low 4 figures a month to consistently making 5 figures a month in around 6 months.

It did involve some financial investment from us but we fully understood that we couldn’t grow to the level we were aiming for without that kind of investment. And it helped us reach the goals we had set.

Overall, with Ash’s input I’ve been able to revaluate, redefine and develop the company I have today.

How else did Ash help?

I had ideas, but wasn’t one hundred per cent sure which direction we should take. Ash provided that clarity and direction.

Before working with Ash I know I had a good business and it was making me some money. But it was static. Because, ironically, despite being able to do it for my clients, I didn’t know my own niche or which audience I wanted to appeal to.

In hindsight, and with Ash’s input, I realised I had been comparing myself to agencies with 20+ staff. I was getting annoyed because we weren’t growing that quickly and didn’t have their resource. But working with Ash enabled me to understand and develop my niche. We started to concentrate on working with small businesses and make our values the focal point of our service. Now, we often compete for clients against some of the biggest agencies in London!

What are Ash’s strongest qualities as a coach?

Ash is such an easy person to talk to. But in my opinion his strongest quality is his ability to listen.

By listening he’s then able to share his expertise and opinions based on what’s appropriate for you. His advice makes you think differently. He encourages you to have your own ideas but then suggests how you can look at them alternatively.

Ongoing role

I plan to continue working with Ash so we can maintain the progress we’ve made and continue to explore new ideas. It will also allow me to continue to take advantage of his expertise and to be able to bounce my ideas off him.

I anticipate I will be challenged! But that’s necessary for success in business.

Would you recommend Ash?

I would definitely recommend Ash. He changed our business for the better by working with us to achieve all the above.

He’s a ‘man of his word’ because we have done what we set out to do; which was to grow from four to five figures and get above the VAT threshold within six months.  As a business we’re now generating as much per month as we were per year before starting to work together. 

This has meant doubling the value our clients are worth and increasing our monthly turnover by 1000%!  I am also doing far less of the work and spending my time strategically building the team and resources. 

Tom Welbourne, Founder and Director, The Good Marketer