Swimming the Channel

Male legs in shorts and wellies standing on grass

It’s the middle of June and when I walk Bobby round the orchard in the evenings,  I wear wellies.


Last year, I was doing it in trainers, sometimes flip-flops.


The trouble is, the grass is really wet.  And no, not because of all the rain we had but because it’s not been cut.


Our neighbour who owns the orchard LOVES cutting it.  She gets the tractor out and works her way across it over a few evenings, bringing it to a manageable, usable length a few times a year.


Except this year.




Well, she and a few friends are doing a relay open water swim across the channel.  Any day now.


All dependant on weather and currents you see.


And our neighbour is so focussed on the training for her swim, she hasn’t the time, energy or focus for anything else.


She even has a house sitter to look after the cats, so she doesn’t have to even think about them.


She’s absolutely focussed on the goal of swimming the channel.  She’s connected to her why (not letting team mates down and never done it before).  She’s clear on the measures they’ll be using to track progress and she’s dedicated to improving just a little bit every day.


Even though they’re important to her, the cats and the orchard as well as a few other things I suspect have taken a back seat.


You can only focus on one thing at a time, and you need to know what your focus is.


I know our neighbour will achieve her goal.  There’s no doubt in her or my mind.


The cats will be okay – you know cats.  And the orchard, well she’ll get to it when she’s ready.


In the meantime, wellies and shorts is a good look.


Running around trying to do everything?


Need help finding your focus?  Hit me up and we’ll fix that.


I promise.

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