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The Hardest Thing To Do In Life

One of the hardest things to do in life is stay the course.    We all have goals, ambitions, and targets we want to actualise but the reality is that life has a funny habit of throwing you a curveball.     There’s no bigger example of that than in Formula One.    Since Red Bull’s […]


Arrogance Or Unwavering Certainty?

It seems strange to see any clips of sport being played without crowds now, doesn’t it?    So much of what happens relies on the reactions of those lucky enough to witness sporting greatness and I was reminded of that at the recent Australian Open.    Novak Djokovic won the tournament 12 months after being […]


How Champions are made

As you know, I’ve retaken to the gym after deciding I’ve put on a few more pounds over winter than I’d like. So I got myself a training plan after spending time with a coach – just to make sure I would be getting the best from every workout, not spending time on things that […]