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A Day of Inspiration, Challenge and Momentum

This week’s blog has been guest written by Martin Gladdish of The Business Ghost  and gives his take on our event in December.   One thing I learned long ago in my self-employed, one-man-band, solo-entrepreneur career is that going it alone is tough. Later, it became abundantly clear to me that ‘tough’ was an understatement […]


It’s Not the Flow, But You’ve Got to Go With It

A business isn’t something you can just wing. It takes careful planning to succeed. Yet despite your very best efforts, business and life will throw curveballs at you. They’ll throw you off course and try to pull you down. You’ve got to roll with these punches, adapt and mobilise because it’s how you react to […]


Don’t regret the things you don’t do. Regret the things you do.

America is big.  I mean really big.  You may know this already and unless you’ve travelled there, it’s tough to understand how much space there is.  I’m writing this on a flight from San Francisco to London after just over two weeks traveling the west coast.  Not quite a road trip but enough tarmac to feel […]