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A Word For Lewis Capaldi 

  If anyone didn’t know, it was Glastonbury last weekend.     The UK’s biggest music festival never disappoints and whether you’re a fan of Elton John, Artic Monkeys, The Foo Fighters, Lana Del Rey or any one of the hundreds of artists who performed, there was something for everyone.    But there was one moment […]


How do I increase my client base?

Why do we attend networking events? To make contacts and create opportunities to do business, normally, and sometimes to just get out ourselves out there and away from the office. Typically, we go to the event, chat to people, exchange business cards and (maybe) get in touch with them after the event. The thing is, […]


What can I do to put my business ‘out there’?

If there’s one truly valuable skill in the world of business, it’s the ability to network. Chances are, a large percentage of the people reading this met me through networking originally. We may be in an age of social media marketing, but networking face-to-face is still an incredibly powerful tool … and you should still […]