How important is your to-do list?

What type of tasks did you spend the most time on today?
The likelihood is that whatever you spent your time on it fits into one of three categories:
  • Fun

    This is an obvious one. We love doing what we love doing. It keeps us engaged and makes us feel happy and fulfilled.

  • Urgent

    Tasks that absolutely must be done right this second. Whether these tight deadlines are imposed by others or just by ourselves you truly come to believe that not doing it immediately will be detrimental.

  • Fear-based

    This is probably the biggest motivator when it comes to choosing a task to complete. We will often complete the job that is likely to cause us the most fear or worry if not completed.


Here’s the thing … The best type of day is not one made up of these three types of task.


It’s one filled with IMPORTANT jobs.


These are the jobs that take our business forward. The things the help us progress and grow.


It’s unlikely you spent the whole of today doing just important jobs but maybe it’s something you should do more often because days like that have the greatest value.


Think about scheduling one of these days in next week and see what happens.

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