One of the earliest lessons I learned is that everything is easier with a team.  I'm lucky to have one of the best to work with.

Hannah Illingworth, Business Manager and reality checker!


Hannah operates the day to day running of the business.   She makes sure Ash and his clients are where they are supposed to be and manages the nitty gritty detail (that Ash hates) so the business runs smoothly.

Hannah runs her own Virtual Assistant business, has a background in managing teams in difficult environments and is a musician in the Army Reserves.

Being a business owner, Army reservist (and Army wife) and mum to three kids isn't enough to keep her busy so she also is the proud mum of Gertie the rescued bulldog!


You can find out more about Hannah here


Shirley Herron, Marketing, Membership manager and Accountability Coach

Shirley looks after The Business Clubhouse members.  She makes sure they get the most out of membership and runs the accountability coaching calls that are the backbone of The Business Clubhouse.

Shirley has a marketing background, has run several businesses (one of which she sold during lockdown) and passionate about the psychology of buying behaviour and drivers.

Shirley makes the most amazing cakes and is also a keen ice skater.  Something she practices with intensity and enjoyment.

Shirley also runs her own business helping business owners get to grips with their marketing strategy.

Someone has to keep Ash in check!
Someone has to keep Ash in check!