The Business Clubhouse FAQ’s

These are the questions I get asked most. But if you have a burning question, please do contact me. One of the team or I will come back to you with an answer within 24 hours, sooner if we can,



Why is the Clubhouse so cheap?

I believe in simple, realistic and achievable.  And that means in actions to be taken and your budget. This needs to be affordable for you and you need to see a return on investment – or why would you stick around?

£99 is a figure I chose for a reason. It’s the equivalent of a few activities many of us indulge in each month without thinking. They can put a smile on our faces for a few hours, days even. But can they have a positive impact on the success of your business? Probably not. Investing £99 in TBC could see a return within a few short months.

I’m confident that’s not a risk, it’s a sound investment in your business.


What is the minimum commitment?

You can leave at any time – but I hope you’ll stay and complete the first set of 52 actions. Because if you do, we can promise you will see a significant improvement to the success of your business.

Remember: if you want to check we’re not ‘all talk and no substance” your first month is free!
That’s how confident we are in what we’re sharing and in your ability to take action.


Why is there so little on offer?

Do you know that old saying “It does what it says on the tin”?

There’s no need or purpose in offering more than our promise to you that by taking the 52 actions, attending as many of the workshops as you can and being an active part of our community you will see a measurable improvement in your business.

I want you to focus on the core actions that will impact you in the greatest way.  Not get distracted by 47 free benefits and overwhelmed with the work


How do I receive my weekly actions?

Each Monday you’ll receive an email telling you your next action is ready to access. Log on, watch the video, download any resource and work through the action at your pace.

Each action should only take 60-90 minutes. But if you want to take longer and explore more then, please do!


How do I get help?

Asking is essential – if you don’t ask, I won’t know you’re struggling. And I don’t want you to struggle. Your success is my success.

Being part of the community is a great way to get the help you need – there will be others in the group who have had, or who are experiencing the same worries as you. On the weekly calls (I’m on every call) we can work together to help you get back on an even keel.


What happens on the coaching calls?

The calls are an opportunity to take part in an uplifting, informative hour of sharing and learning. These calls are for you and will be based around the questions you ask about the content or other challenges you may have.   We always share our wins from the past week and you’ll gain much from hanging out with people who are at different stages.

There will be light-hearted banter and fun (of course!), but ultimately, you will leave the call with a ‘take-away’ that you can implement or consider further.

I know from current members these calls are a highlight of their week and an opportunity to network and learn.  The evening calls often involve cats, dogs and wine.  Often, all three!


What are the Deep Dive Workshops?

These are super useful workshops that take a more in-depth look at a specific topic. They’re hosted by an expert in that field who will share their knowledge to help you become more proficient. For example: using a CRM system; getting to grips with your finances, or even making the most of videos on your website.

Let me know if theirs a topic you would find especially useful, and I’ll try and make that happen.


Do we meet face to face?

We’ll meet plenty of times on Zoom, of course. And if you want to attend any of the Deep Dive Workshops the team and I will be at most (hopefully all) of those.

We also have regular members’ get-togethers – social and business. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on the dates and look forward to meeting you face to face!


 What else do I get?

This bit’s easy. You get to be part of a community that ‘gets it’. One that’s supportive has either been where you are; is there at the same step of the journey you’re at now: or is a few steps behind you, looking at your achievements as something to aspire to.

You get not to be working everything out on your own. You get to be part of a group who understand and who give a damn. You get access to success if you work at it. There are a few additional benefits you’ll receive but you’ll need to unlock these as part of your journey with us


What if I don’t get time to implement the actions?

Implementing the actions and strategies is what it’s all about. They’re a crucial part of the success you can achieve.

But, if you think you don’t have 60 -90 minutes a week to take these simple, but life-changing actions in your business, then this probably isn’t the coaching program for you.


What proof do you have that these actions work?

The proof you’re looking for can be found among our existing members and in my own success. I’ve taken the very same actions you’re about to take, and so have they.

Take a look at some of their success stories or if you prefer to speak to a ‘real person’ – someone who can tell you about their journey and success story – contact us, and we’ll match you with the person we think would be most appropriate.


Why is everything in groups?

Working in groups is powerful. You’ll learn from others, get peer support by the bucket load, make new friends and contacts.

You’ll get reassurance and support when you need it and a group who will care about and share in your successes.

I’ve used all methods of coaching, group; 1:1, online-only; Zoom only – and I will continue to do so, as each is appropriate in different circumstances. But I can tell you: group coaching is one of the most powerful, uplifting ways to teach and to learn.

And, once you’re achieving results and feeling confident, you’ll find you’re the one that’s helping to guide and influence others. That really is a good feeling.