The Business Clubhouse Terms and Conditions

The Basics

Membership of The Business Clubhouse is for an initial three-month term and renewable on a rolling basis.  Membership starts on the 1st of each calendar month

Membership levels

The  Business Clubhouse Online:  Access to our Online Membership Site, Facebook Group, Events (a small registration fee applies) and regular Printed Magazine.

The Business Clubhouse:  all the above PLUS face to face monthly group meetings

The Business Clubhouse Premium:  all the above PLUS access to coaching calls via Zoom or telephone

The group meetings to be held at a suitable venue.  These meetings to be in the evenings on dates readily visible on the website and other material.  A minimum of one meeting per month will be held.

What you can expect from In2Out Business Ltd

· A high standard of skill and professionalism

· Commercial in confidence and full confidentiality

· A commitment to help The Member achieve his definition of success

· Respect for The Member’s time

· A working environment congruent with delivering performance

· Attendance at all sessions subject to clause (a). 

What In2Out Business expects from Members:

· Attendance on the pre-determined dates

· Be fully present at any meetings. 

· Be open-minded and receptive – ‘Bring your best self’

· Respect The Trainer and members of the Team

· Payment in accordance with these terms and conditions

· Meet requests for marketing collateral

· Commercial in confidence and full confidentiality


The fees for The Business Clubhouse are currently £39/£99/£199 and are subject to change with 30 days notice.

Payment terms

· Continued access is subject to the monthly payments being met.

· The invoice date will be the 1st of each month. 

· Any failed payments must be credited to In2Out Business Ltd within 7 days.  Missed payments does not constitute an agreed cancellation of membership

Notice and refunds

In2OutBusiness requires one month’s notice that The Member does not wish to continue membership.  It is assumed the Member wishes to remain as a member if notice is not given.

Under this agreement, all sales are considered final from the first or only date of payment. There will be no consideration or authorisation for a refund after payment is received. It is at In2Out Business’s discretion upon request for refund to grant approval if sufficient evidence is provided to support a claim of non-delivery of products or services.


· In2Out Business Ltd reserves the right to alter the times, dates, or venues of meetings without further cost to you.  This will only occur in the event of circumstances out of control e.g. serious illness.  Notice of any changes will be made as soon as it is reasonably practical to do so.

· The terms and conditions in this agreement contain all In2Out Business’s terms and supersedes all prior agreements, understandings and/or arrangements (both oral and written) between The Member and Consultant with respect The Business Clubhouse and or The Business Growth Programme

· The Member is not permitted to re-sell, transfer or otherwise dispose of any of his rights or obligations arising under this agreement

· If the payment terms are breached in any way, The Member agrees to keep In2OutBusiness indemnified against any and/or all costs, expenses, damages, losses, or liabilities incurred by The Business Clubhouse.

· In2Out Business reserves the right to vary any of the clauses within these terms, so they reflect current service/product portfolio.  Notice of any variation will be given in writing.

· The terms and conditions contained within this agreement are subject to the laws of England and Wales.