The Hardest Thing To Do In Life

One of the hardest things to do in life is stay the course. 


We all have goals, ambitions, and targets we want to actualise but the reality is that life has a funny habit of throwing you a curveball.  


There’s no bigger example of that than in Formula One. 


Since Red Bull’s arrival on the scene, they’ve been seen as the disruptors in a traditional motorsport.  


You only have to look at some of the names on the grid to see why – Ferrari, Aston Martin, Mercedes, and McLaren to name a few. 


The Red Bull Philosophy 


But Red Bull’s style is very much their own and staying the course throughout years of Mercedes dominance must have been incredibly tough to take for the team. 


Particularly for Team Principal, Christian Horner, who has been in the top job for almost two decades. 


When things are going well, like it was when Vettel hoovered up Championships, it’s easy to stay the course. 


But when you sit watching your competition win race after race, it’s a lot harder.  


Red Bull don’t do things like anyone else does, and that goes for the entire business, not just the racing team. 


That’s not to say that the way they do things is right, by the way, it’s simply that it’s a philosophy that an entire business has bought into. The racing team is a business in its own right and a unique one at that, but the wider business has adopted a unique position… 


For example, their marketing budget is on par with Coca-Cola’s despite having a fraction of the revenue.  


Because they’ve built their brand on being different, doing the unexpected, and gaining exposure in unusual ways – remember the space jump? 


The reward for believing in their long-term strategy is the development of one of the sport’s greatest ever drivers in Max Verstappen, with the team now dominating. 


What Does It Mean For You? 


Of course, a formula one team and an energy drink company might have absolutely nothing to do with you and your business!  


But that doesn’t mean there aren’t lessons to be gleaned from them and the way they do things.  


And the question I want to ask you is: 


Are you staying the course?  


It’s easy to be idealistic when you first start out in business but less so when the going gets tough – so, I’d love to know more about you and your goals…  


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