The Secret to My Success

Asian man hitting a golf ball to make the putt and achieve success

I suffer with an ongoing back condition.  Years of abuse and misuse have caused various weaknesses and discs that are degenerating.

A back spasm is agonising.   It can leave me on the floor gasping in pain.  And after 30 years of hurt (not quite England football hurt) you’d think I’d be used to it by now.


Before you suggest solutions to my challenge, the chances are I’ve tried it.

  • Physiotherapy.
  • Hydrotherapy.
  • Osteopathy.
  • Chiropractor.
  • Hot stones.
  • Normal massage.
  • Ice baths (like those)
  • Acupuncture (even though I hate needles).
  • Yoga (ouch).
  • Pilates.

…and more.

I recently had a regular gym session covered by a person I’d not met before.

We got chatting.

Turns out Pip trained as a specialist back physio, is a Pilates and a yoga instructor fitness trainer.

She had a quick look, a prod around, a micro assessment and convinced me to try a session with her.

I’ve tried everything, I’ll try anything.

Pip is stretching my hips, glutes and obliques.  I’m strong but not flexible.

I was sceptical and a few weeks in, not sure it was worth continuing with.  Until I had a look at my golf performance…

Less tired at the end of rounds.


No dull ache in my back.


12 yards longer on average.

Hang on – 12 yards?! That’s a whole club!

Turns out the work she’s been doing – and I’ll take some credit as I’ve been all in, spending 30 minutes every night stretching – has been working.

I just couldn’t see it.

For the first time in what seems like forever, I can sit on my haunches, get up off the floor and rotate with freedom.

Success is often invisible.  It’s why measuring progress is so important.

Success often comes at the end.  It’s why you must persevere.

Success isn’t a one-off quick fix of information.  It’s why you must apply and practice knowledge.

Success can be painful (that stretching hurts!).  It’s why you need a sense of reward to motivate you to push through the pain.  It must be worthwhile.

Success comes in many forms, in my case here it’s feeling pain free.  Get the right diagnosis, create a plan, stick to it but measure progress, and get someone alongside you to push you when it’s tough and stretch you beyond what you would do yourself.

Pip didn’t make any promises.  There was no “double your hamstrings in 3 weeks” rubbish. 

She assessed, we talked about what success looked like for me and she tried a few things until we found what worked.

If you’re a business owner, maybe in a bit of pain or sitting on frustrated opportunity, fed up with false promises and willing to practice – let’s jump on a call and see what we can come up with for you and the business.

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