The World’s Most Valuable Jacket

Last weekend, Jon Rahm won the world’s most valuable jacket. 


Rahm claimed his second major championship as he won The Masters in one of golf’s great performances. 


In fact, in collecting the green jacket, Rahm became the first European to win both the US Open and The Masters, illustrating just how big the feat was. 


The Masters Tournament is the pinnacle of the golfing calendar, with the honours list including Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson, Seve Ballesteros, Nick Faldo, Jack Nicklaus and a veritable who’s who of golfing history. 


But I know that golf isn’t for everyone – and that’s okay. 


What Does Sport Have To Do With Your Business? 


You probably know by now that I love golf (I love most sports, in fairness), and there’s a good reason for it. 


Because sport is all about individual stories… 


In fact, Rahm had a significant obstacle to overcome in early life – he was born with a clubfoot, which meant treatment with serial casting. 


One of the lasting effects is that his right leg is slightly shorter than the left and he has reduced mobility in his right ankle… 


So, what did he do? He developed a golf swing that’s shorter than most and he perfected it.    


The level of analysis and training that goes into a professional golfer’s career means that every swing is predicated by a thousand practice shots.  


There are lessons to be learned from almost every facet of life – I take them from sport because that’s what I like to spend my time doing. 


I’ve watched more than my fair share, I’ve been a tennis coach, and I’ve played more golf than I’d care to admit. And it’s shaped who I am as a person in more ways than one, which is why I’ve applied the lessons I’ve learned back into my own business, helping business owners just like you to life the life you want to live. 


Your Business, Your Way 


At some point in life, you decided to forge your own path. 

Whether you started your business because you saw an opportunity or because you love what you do or even if it’s to create a family business for your children… you made the decision to do things your way. 


Business, just like golf, is about setting your own goals and finding the swing that suits you – your business journey is unique, which means that your plan should be too.  


So, how are you making sure that you’re doing things your way? 


If your business isn’t giving you what you want or what you need from it, perhaps you need to make a few changes. 


And if that’s the case, you know what to do. We’re always here to help… 

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