There’s always more to do….

I suspect I’m not alone in waking up some mornings, checking my to-do list and groaning with exasperation.

Sure, there are people out there who’ll exhort you to wake up earlier (5am) sleep less (3 hours a fortnight is plenty!) or skip meals to get more done and lose weight at the same time!

I’m not one of them.

I like food too much; I like sleep more and the only time I’m going to get up at 5am is if I’m getting on a plane.

‘To do’ lists can easily turn into a sense of obligation.  

A feeling that until you’ve ticked everything off, you’re in debt somehow to yourself, others, your mum – I don’t know.

It doesn’t change the internal script of “I’ll eat, when I’ve finished this email” or “I’ll sleep when I’ve done this proposal”.

If this is in anyway familiar, I don’t believe you’re alone.  I also believe there’s a couple of things you can do to change the sense of obligation.

Keep a ‘done’ list.  

Each time you complete something, re write it on a new list of things you’ve achieved.  Over time, this will bring a sense of progress and fulfilment.

Start a ‘to don’t’ list.  

Ask yourself as you do tasks – “who else could do this for me?”.

Don’t fret about the how or what needs to happen to make it happen, just build the list.  Get yourself to a place where the stuff someone else could do is big enough for someone else to do and get someone else to do it.

Both things will help reframe your feeling of ticking things off until you’re even or at zero debt – to feeling like your productivity is a bank of achievements you’re building.


There’s always more to do.  There’re always more people telling you you’re not doing enough.  There’s never going to a be a point where you can say “I’ve completed life, what’s next?”.

So, instead try and accept you’re already on top of things, that what you do each day is adding to the world rather than taking from yourself.

Hit reply, let me know how you manage the must do mountain on your desk each day – if you’re not on top of things, I can help.

Speak soon,

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