Time makes fools of us all

My daughter turned 20 on the weekend.

20 years old.

It feels a bit weird, to be honest.

She’s just moved to Brighton with her boyfriend and a mate and she’s happily setting up her life, without my help.

And as weird as it is – that’s okay.

Because I realised that she’s able to do what she’s doing because I’ve done my job – she’s independent, happy, and doing her own thing.

The Big Picture

Seeing the big picture with your own children is easier said than done… and the same goes for your business.

A parent’s job is as wide-ranging as it is ever-changing and at this point, I’ve given her (most) of the skills, character, and resilience to run her life on her own.

And now she’s functioning as an adult on her own in the big wide world.

But the actual concept of her going off and living her own life, being 20, and being a grown-up is a little strange!

I’ll always be around to guide her as she grows on her journey if she needs it but for now – I’ve let go.

There are a lot of parallels between parenthood and running a business, too.

As a business owner, it’s your job to train, lead and coach your business and the people within it, so it’s able to function and grow without you.

Take A Break…

Because if the business is too reliant on you then the business isn’t functioning on its own and the reality is that YOU ARE the business.

At times, that’s unavoidable but you should always be striving to reach the point where you can take a week off and the world doesn’t fall apart – that’s always the point where you can take a breather and realise you’ve created something that works independently.

Without that, you’ll always be a barrier, the sticking point, the noose through which everything must squeeze through to function.

I’m sure I’m not the perfect dad and I know I don’t have a perfect business, but both it and my daughter are capable of surviving and thriving without me…

Can you say the same about your business?

I’d love to know and if you want to listen to a (slightly) longer conversation about letting go here’s a link to a podcast I recorded several weeks ago – you may find it interesting. 

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