To be or not to be?

FullSizeRenderI’ve been busy…

Busy doing stuff, but most importantly busy just “being”.

Let me explain…

A few weeks ago I achieved a massive life goal of moving into what can only be described as our dream home.

…..It’s perfect….

Well, maybe not perfect….  there’s heaps of work to do on it but those imperfections are what makes it so appealing.

I’ve had walls to paint,  a radiator to move (had some help with that),  a loft to board, wardrobes to fit and paint (and paint and paint);  there’s been shelving to rip out and replace,  boxes galore to unpack,  trips to storage  the charity shop and the dump.

Surprise leaks, loose floorboards, drilling holes in the wrong places and sanding till my IPhone didn’t recognise my thumbprint anymore.

I’ve discovered previously unknown DIY skills and also realised I shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near plumbing.

It’s been really hard work and I’ve enjoyed every single minute of it. 

You see I went through a stage after we got the keys of feeling a bit down.  Initially I was really happy but then just hit a slump and I couldn’t work out why.

Then someone said to me maybe it’s because you’ve stopped striving for the goal, you’ve achieved it and you’re happiest when you’re striving….

I’d stopped and everyone tells us it’s bad to stop.

It’s lazy.

You should work hard, drive yourself on and keep pushing.


I mean yes, you should do those things but you also have to breathe now and then!

So I stopped, just for a little while and taken some time to enjoy what we’ve achieved.

And you know what?  It’s not like I’m not being busy and productive, it’s just in a different way.

Life isn’t just about business, it’s about having a multitude of things that give us balance and keep us interesting.

I’ve also taken time out to just enjoy and reflect and recharge and “be” in my new home.

This little time out also made me realise that much of my productivity stems from focussing on goals but also on ensuring that I focus on doing the things that I enjoy the most.

If I enjoy it, it’s not work

I’ve really enjoyed the work on the house I’ve been doing.  Sure, I could outsource it but so long as I enjoy it and have the time (and it’s a conscious choice) then why not?

It got me thinking….

We’re just about half way through the year and hopefully you’ve achieved some goals, or have made significant progress toward them. We’re so good at beating ourselves up for not getting things done but how often do we just stop, reflect and consider a job well done

So maybe just stop for a while…..

Go on, give yourself permission to take a look around.



and just “be”.

Because otherwise, what’s the point???