Tomorrow Never Comes


2013-03-26 10.59.13Today is the 15th August.  It might be a birthday for you or an anniversary of significance.

It certainly is for me, my family and close friends.

14 years ago on this day I turned up at my parents house on a beautiful sunny afternoon, much like today to have the door answered by a police officer.

You see, my little sister, Seema was in South Africa travelling with her best friend Fiona and they were due to return home that day from Johannesburg.

Except they hadn’t got on the plane.  Instead they’d been caught up in a car accident driving to the airport.

A tow truck driver had (deliberately) lit a fire on the side of the road.  Fire = Smoke = accident (usually a shunt) = work = money = feeding his family.

This, we were told is a fairly regular and accepted practice.  It’s even tolerated to a degree as it’s certainly better than carjacking.

The trouble is that Seema and Fiona were driving behind an artic and although they both stopped, the artic behind them didn’t.

He was on the phone.

It was a difficult time for us, it still is at moments.  Moments like today for instance.

The reason I wanted to share is because of this.

Tomorrow never comes.

My sister was 27, Fiona 26.  Two bright, fun (extremely annoying) girls who taught primary school children, climbed mountains for charity, built schools in Nepal and had fun.

I’ve had a number of meetings this week with people who have been struggling with procrastination. 

“Maybe next week”

“I’ll do it tomorrow”

“I don’t know where to start”

“It’s difficult”

Just do something.  It doesn’t matter what.  But just start.

If there’s something you’ve been putting off, go and do it.  Whether it’s going for that run, writing that sales letter or tidying the house.

And it’s not all about work either.  Do the fun things now.  Spend time with your friends, your family, your kids.  Play that round of golf.

Say sorry.

Call that mate you’ve not spoken to for months.


Because tomorrow never comes, my sister taught me that.

Your Comments

It’s tragic that this happened, and you’re absolutely right – such losses make you value every single minute of every single day. Life’s too short to not spend time with those we love and make the most of what we’re so lucky to have. Best wishes to you and yours x

Ash you truly are a remarkable man and sharing that shows the legend that you are and how inspirational you are to people who need good friends in their life. Just wanted you know thoughts are with you today and the family..

Keep being the amazing person you are and sharing that greatness within