Trust Yourself

Season Ticket Holder's Chair at QPR with the name Ash Taylor

I spent some time recently with a young person who’s been offered a second opportunity to apply for a medical apprenticeship.

The standards are high and there are far fewer places than applicants.

He really wants this place.

You can tell it’s a burning desire – it’s all consuming.

He did a great interview first time round but was thrown by a couple of questions which let him down.

So, he’s practicing, and practicing.

You can tell.

And that’s part of the issue.  He knows his stuff.  He has great answers but away from the script, he stalls. 

He’s trying to remember his lines rather than be himself and let the interviewers see what a great fit he is.

Yes, he’s got to get the technical elements correct.  Yes, he’s got to make sure he hits the correct phrases and key words they want to tick off.

But he’s also got to express himself and perform.

He’s approaching the situation from a place of fear – His attachment to the outcome is stifling him. 

The same night I watched QPR lose (again) this season.  7 wins from 30 odd this season and we probably need 7 from our last 14.

It’s not looking good.

The trouble is there’s a great team in there somewhere that’s capable of beating any team in the Championship.

However, every time there’s a game which gives us the opportunity to get out of the relegation zone, we don’t perform.  Stoke away, Huddersfield, Millwall.

You only need three or four players to be overly attached to the outcome for that to affect the whole team.

Basics go out of the window.

The standards are high in the Championship, promotion from it will elevate you to the biggest, wealthiest league in the world.  Relegation leads to obscurity.

Three teams WILL be relegated out of what started as 23 and is now four, maybe five.

The players need to let go of the outcome.

They need to perform in a way which will bring them the results they can achieve.

They need to express themselves.

They need to get out of their own way, like our interviewee and trust themselves to perform.  That’s the bit they can control – the performance.

Focussing on the performance will get you the outcome you want, most of the time.  If you don’t (this time), you know you did your best.

And that’s all any of us can do.

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