Trusting them team

I had the privilege of going to the final two days of the Ashes this weekend (July 2023).

It was incredible.

Watching Stuart Broad, the night after announcing his retirement, smashing the last ball he’ll ever hit in cricket for six – straight over a client’s head it turned out. Then on Monday with his last ever ball, taking the wicket to secure the win for England and a draw in the series.



Scintillating stuff.

There was tension, concern about the weather, worry about how well the Australians had started and for much of the game, a nervousness that pervaded the ground and crowd.

But not the England team.

This England team which has gone from stale, straightjacketed players to a team that excites, thrills, and plays with flair.

The difference?


Ben Stokes’ leadership and Brendan (Baz) McCullum have created an environment which encourages players to express themselves, make mistakes and to play without the fear of failure.

They’ve accepted that at times they WILL fail but back themselves to win from positions unheard of in test cricket.

There’s a trust in the leadership and trust from the leadership in the players. There’s a sense of playfulness in amongst the seriousness of stakes up for grabs. There’s encouragement to do what’s natural, to play your game, no one else’s.

The focus is to be the best they can be at what they do and not worry about anyone else.

It’s exciting to watch and anyone can do it.

Trust yourself, trust the team around you. Trust the process and trust you have the skills to deliver a win.

And if you need help building that trust…get in touch and let’s have a chat!

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