My Least Favourite Task Of The Year

Every year I find myself in the same situation and it always spells disaster.


Armed with a 5m roll of extra strong wrapping paper, scissors, and Sellotape, I tackle the Christmas present wrapping.


And it never goes well.


I’ve tried to improve over the years but none of it sticks (pun fully intended) and I can’t really pretend that it was wrapped by a child when I sign my name to the gift tag.


Thankfully, my wife is much more adept than I am at wrapping presents without ending up with bits of Sellotape stuck to her jumper, wonky wrapping paper everywhere or glitter scattered all over the living room.


Because that’s what happens to me.


Gift Wrapped, Just For You


It’s the reason why when I pop into a shop to pick up presents, I gratefully accept their gift-wrapping offer, even if there’s an additional cost.


If they take as long as Rowan Atkinson’s character wrapping the surreptitious necklace Alan Rickman’s character is buying in Love Actually, I might change my mind – but then again, I’m in no rush.


The point is that when you need to find the right person for the job, you look for an expert in that area. For gift wrapping, that’s people in shops who do it every single day or people who are just a bit more skilled than me.


And when it comes to your business, you’re the expert.


I’m not buttering you up here, I’m just telling you the truth. There’s nobody else who knows your business as well as you – the ups, the downs, the goals, the struggles, and the reality of where you’re at and where you want to be.


You’ve got your trusted suppliers, colleagues, and businesses that you work with – your support network is crucial to your long-term success.


With the Locker Room, we’ve created an environment where we bring likeminded people into the same space, fostering a culture that’s aspirational AND realistic.


We all face challenges in business but knowing how to overcome them is often down to perspective and being in the right room to be able to jump those hurdles.


But the first step is always looking inwards, identifying your strengths and working on your weaknesses. By bringing the ‘floor’ of your skills upwards and pushing the ceiling higher, you’ll create the business that you want – the one that gives you what you need.


So, what is the one challenge you dread? And is it something that crops up each and every year, or even more often?


I’d love to know!

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