What are you doing?

Look, just a quick question for you.

Before I interrupted you with this video, what was it that you were actually working on?

Was it something that was going to move you towards one of your goals, something that was important to you, or were you just being busy?

Busy being busy.

Here’s the thing, everything that you do now is designing the future you’re going to have tomorrow.

So be really, really, clear and really, really, careful about what it is that you are doing now.

Live in the moment, yes, but make sure that moment is productive

Is useful

Is enjoyable and one that you’ll look back on and think…

“That moment helped me to get to this moment that’s enabling me to do what I want to be doing right now.”

Have a think about that.

Is what you are doing right now helping create the future that you actually want, or the future that you don’t want tomorrow?

Take care.


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