What can you do?

Hi, Ash here with my quick Friday message on this bank holiday weekend.

Look, what I wanted to talk to you about today was just a little thing. I just got back from the gym, quite late for me, I normally go in the mornings or late morning.

I had my plan all set out of what I was going to do. I got to the gym, walked in with my head-phones on, all happy and ready to go and pumped up.

It was absolutely heaving.

It was so, so busy.

I couldn’t get onto a bench or a machine. There were guys trying to work around each other.

I was just so deflated, and I felt so flat. I’d been pumped to go and thought, what am I going to do?

This is bad, there’s no room, there’s no space.

I stopped for a moment, and realised that there was an empty studio available.

I went into the studio got a mat, got a ball, hung a bag up, put a ladder out on the floor, and just did a high intensity cardio workout for 15, 20 minutes. When I finished that, a bench had become free, so I was able to jump on that and do some of the weight work that I like doing.

My message is the same thing happens in business. We come across little challenges all the time that force us to think, “I can’t do that, I can’t do that. That’s a problem. There’s a block.”

Instead of focusing on all the stuff that you can’t do, maybe look at what you can do and what you can control.

Even if you don’t have the best outcome, or the outcome that you really wanted, at least you’ve got an outcome.

At least you’ve taken some action, and that does make you feel good.

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