What do you get paid for?

It’s a great question to take into the weekend but I won’t leave you hanging for the answer…

A – “Your ability to act”.

This past week I’ve had no less than three separate conversations around people’s inability to simply get things done.

Your ability to make things happen, to convert your dreams, aspirations and desires into meaningful actions is what separates the wannabees from the Bees Knees.

They plot and they plan, all in the name of procrastination.

They allow other people’s demands to derail their own desires, to thwart their goals and turn them into meaningful excuses to not do the hard work required to make progress.

Or sometimes, it’s just the boring work.

When you’ve got X to do but Y means instant gratification or Z means keeping a client happy (who’s never happy) – X always misses the spot.

The price for missing the spot is never finding the treasure that sits under it. The treasure that’s the reward for the hard, boring work no one ever sees.

The price is high, it’s a diminished life, squashed dreams, and a litany of “if only’s”.

The Greek goddess of victory has it right with her slogan. Most people don’t think deeply enough about what it means.

What you think, what others think is not as important as what you do.

Go ahead, try it – To victory.If you’d like some help staying on course while you work towards finding that treasure, get in touch and we’ll have a chat…

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